Mithra Sun Earrings

1 400 kr

Tax included.

Sharp and clean lines made from sacred geometry to illustrate the sun. These earrings are made by 18kt gold plated sterling silver. Inspired by the Persian sun deity Mithra. 
  • 18K  Gold-plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Handmade by Balinese artisans. 
  • Diameter of 40 mm and the longest triangle measures 15.2 mm.

Gold unlocks and activates your third eye and crown chakras. It will also help you attract honors, recognition, wealth, and happiness. It will help preserve the more enlightened thought-forms.

Gold symbolizes purity in a spiritual sense and the development of total understanding. It will allow you to achieve and maintain a strong communion with all that is and the source of all being. 

Happy and positive feelings will be amplified. You will also become more attuned to nature and all the healing forces that are available in your environment.

It will help combat your feelings of inferiority and depression, which will allow you to understand and eliminate self-reproach. It will develop, cleanse, and balance your ability to amplify your thought-forms.

Its energies will keep you calm and composed even during tumultuous times. Your emotions will be stabilized and your stress will be alleviated.


May the sacred gold metaphysically raise your vibration to attract abundance and wisdom. May the prayers protect you and give you altitude to move from within.

Jewelry Care

We have a special love and respect for raw materials. Like scars and wrinkles on human bodies are signs of an eventful life, wear and cuts on a piece of jewelry will be signs of its story and origin.

General care 

Please store your piece of jewelry in the Atelier The Ché jewelry pouch when not worn.

To slow down the process of aging, make sure to remove your jewelry before contact with water, perfume, lotions, or chemicals that can damage your jewelry, and avoid damp rooms. Remove your jewelry when doing sports.

Gold plating on Sterling silver

All of our plated pieces are minimum 3 microns 18 karat gold plated on Sterling silver. Depending on use, all plated pieces will wear, each revealing in its own unique way. The Sterling base has a silver-tone so when exposed with wear, the silver-tone underneath will show.

Plated pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth.

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