Atelier The Ché was founded in 2018 as a contemporary lifestyle brand with the purpose to explore the expansive constellation of aesthetics, musings, and holistic maintenance from the focal point of spirituality to bring self-care and social change.

Sara Che, ATC founder and creative director, amassed an impressive resume of fashion industry experience prior to starting the lifestyle brand. A Tehran native and global nomad, Sara’s background in fashion, journalism, art, photography, spirituality, and metaphysics joins a forever passion for artisanship, design, and humanitarianism in Atelier The Ché.

During the winter of 2020 while travelling and working in southeast Asia, Sara was in Bali when the global pandemic closed Indonesia’s borders and the country went into lockdown. After the lockdown period was over, she realized that like many others, her spiritual, physical, and energetic health was suffering.

“After lockdown I was feeling low, and the only things I was really thinking about were adornment and talismans, the layering of protective pieces on the body,” she says.

“Living and working the way that I do, I can’t take much with me when moving from place to place; but one thing that is a constant in my life, is my jewelry. Knowing how important jewelry is to the person who wears it, I decided then and there that I would make a jewelry collection.”

Sara contacted a number of local families that have worked as silversmiths for generations, and the co-creation of ATC’s first artisanal jewelry collection in 2020 began. The result is the creation of truly one-of-a-kind pieces that will remain with the wearer forever, and an intention to keep traditional Balinese design practices and techniques alive, while creating and sustaining jobs.

A portion of the proceeds from each ATC item purchased will go towards advancement and education initiatives in the country where the jewelry was crafted.

“The pandemic really shed a light on how things could basically change overnight. I knew that this jewelry collection was the beginning of something new for me and I wanted to share something positive that came out of all the uncertainty, with others,” Sara explains.

“Once the pieces had been made, I held a healing ceremony and cleansed and blessed each piece in the ATC jewelry collection. It happened under the full moon of the summer solstice in Bali. The stones and crystals are all ethically sourced, hand-picked and hand-extracted by geologists. This means that the energy contained within them has not been disturbed. It was very important to me to not compromise the energetic properties within the stones, to ensure all the
energetic benefits for the wearers of the pieces.”