HSP: How to unpack and lighten your load

So you've understood that you are HSP, welcome! I understand that it may seem tumbling, literally, as if you have been incapacitated in a tumble dryer and made a few turns. You're not alone. The best thing about your insight is that you now have an exit that will be a great asset to you. Assuming you allow yourself.

First, being HSP is not a diagnosis. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you, you're more than perfect and once you've learned to understand yourself better, you'll be able to use your mind more optimally.

You are probably innovative, creative, seeing patterns and connections that others do not see, versatile, analytical, and intuitive to name just a few of the general features that coin HSP. But an unbalanced HSP is synonymous with an overwhelmed or exhausted person. With the help of these three steps, I've made great changes in my life that have gone from thinking it's a pain to feel so good to use these features as an asset.



It took a while for me to accept, mostly because a large part of my life had been emitted because I look different and now it was confirmed that I felt more than everyone else. Can not I just be normal like everyone else?

Yes, that was how I felt. I do not want to be like everyone else. I want to be myself, my best self. And when I learned to accept that I had other needs, I needed a very real-time, and sometimes I felt better to be self than about other people. Those thoughts put my hook on me, in the long run, I could see that there was a big reason for my dedication to being alone. I could simply relax in a completely different way, my antennas were not connected to other people or the surroundings.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone, I think it's cool with people who do not need others to be underpinned. I think it's awesome that a person can have such a rich inner life that they can go on a journey for themselves - or have a magical day at home in their simplicity and loneliness.

There will be moments that your body wants you to relax. Those moments are important in order to release energy that does not belong to you, balancing your own energy for the next step recovering. This process happens automatically when you set an intention to relax, using your mental power, you can help all your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). And since the ego tends to play their own games it is important to be aware.


In all moments and all modes, no matter what. Your primary responsibility is you. In the same way, as we are asked to put the gas mask on us first if a plane plan would go bad before we help children/others. Same principle here. You can not help others first.

Something that many HSPs can identify with is a need to help. It's no wonder if you're thinking because you know and pick up on what others feel. But you do not need to take responsibility for the feelings of others, first of all, you need to look about yourself.

Being good with yourself means meeting your needs. From the easiest way to sleeping the amount of sleep you need to feel restored, give yourself the right conditions for your day to get a good start, eat, and then I mean eating and being aware of what you eat. In fact, we are highly sensitive not only to mood and emotions but literally all energy. Being good with yourself means that you always assume the best option.


No one else comes or can do it for you, it's only you who can know what you need, and when you need it.

By accepting that you are highly sensitive, you will eventually see that your needs do not resemble people in your vicinity. You may notice that you are not well-off by some people's company, but for various reasons, it maintains the relationship. If that person does not add anything to your life, why let that person fit. Why do not you make more space for people and opportunities that make you happy, provide you with knowledge, people who help you become the best version of yourself?

Saying yes to yourself can sometimes mean you say no to others. And when you do it from a place of love to yourself (see: be kind to yourself) you will not have a bad conscience or FOMO because you choose to spend time with yourself. And if you have friends who can not respect you have other needs, maybe you can take a closer look at what kind of friendship you really have.

Your close need not always understand your boundaries, the most important thing is that you can communicate them clearly and to be respected.

We can lead our lives from the heart, or be controlled by our ego. We are the ones who decide. Setting limits means sometimes that we need to learn where our own boundary goes, and when you are an empathically highly sensitive person, it is common for you not to know where your boundaries are going. By getting to know yourself better, sit with yourself, and know where it feels good and where it feels less good you will be able to wipe out what does not really give you value. I use this technology daily to connect and correct myself by myself. I have strengthened my contact with my inner, so when my ego wants to get started, I have a technique that keeps me grounded.

Being a highly sensitive person is something incredibly beautiful, almost like having access to more colors than what others can see. Almost like hearing other notes than others can hear and definitely have access to another depth of few that few can reach. And much more, there is a power to retrieve that is indescribable and I hope each of you will experience it just as I have.

“I can feel the frequency in my body heightened when wearing the Mithra Sun earrings.”

– Cassandra, Tarot & Energy Reader