Style & Spirituality

Maybe style isn’t the first word that comes to mind when talking about spirituality, but the secret is that these two are not mutually exclusive; actually together they are a harmonious and powerful duo.

Embracing our spiritual bliss doesn’t mean we have to give up everything we love about style and fashion. In essence, style is the vast expression of our creativity, our own unique way we present ourselves to the world. The fact we often forget is, style and spirituality have been interlaced since the beginning of time. They are a distinct mark of ceremonies, traditions, and cultural expression.

Spirituality and style is the outer expression of our inner self. Style gives people a view of who we are through our actions and looks, our reflection for the world to view, an expression of our creative flair. Style gives us the chance to be curious and explore what suits not just our body and situation but our life and all the options open to us.

Think about it for a moment. When we go into a meeting or out on a date, we take the time to think about how we want to present ourselves to the world. Because we only get one chance at a first impression and we want to ensure it’s a good one. Our outward demeanor is an indicator of our inward expression. It’s not the totality of who we are, but it does give others a clue as to who we are.

Could the label on the garment or the shoe be your name? No, unless you’re lucky enough to be Christian Louboutin or Diane Von Furstenberg. A label does not define us; it is not the be and end-all of our lives.

We give the label life and legitimacy by how you wear it. When you find a designer, a style that highlights all your gorgeous qualities and makes you feel fabulous ...then you have style and spirituality working in harmony, it’s your label. Stop comparing yourself to others. Value and take pride in your own style and your own truth, and trust that others will see and accept you for you.


Style has a language that goes beyond the constraints of the spoken word. Style recognizes and respects diversity and individuality.

Spirituality doesn’t have a dress code. It offers us a free pass to pay attention to the details in our life, to have fun with your own creativity and express yourself the way you want and feel for the occasion. Remember you can’t please all of the people all the time, so please yourself.

Finally, it’s the light in your eyes, smile on your face, a positive attitude and the energy in your stride that are the best groundwork for any outfit. Live life by your own definition.

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– Cassandra, Tarot & Energy Reader