Spiritual beings having a human experience

Over the past years, we have seen the awareness across spirituality grow over the globe. Those of us who have been seekers behind closed doors witnessed how the notion of being ‘spiritual’ grew over social media, to be the point that it almost became a trend.

However, like all trends, those who aren’t fully there will most likely get on the bandwagon after a small amount of period until the next one comes. Because to walk this path requires true devotion. Devotion isn’t born overnight, it’s an inner calling. An inner fire, it burns within you.

The positive aspect of the ‘trend’ is that more people are getting exposed to the notion of spirituality, that there is much more than meets the eye. That the way we have been taught to live, think, and feel isn’t the only way. Since we in the age of Aquarius, this all coincided beautifully, just like the awakening of humanity is intended to do.

You were born into your physical meat suit with a soul. Perhaps along the way of your connection got disrupted, until the feeling of disconnection grew larger. These are typical symptoms of awakening, as the disconnection catalyzes to move you into the direction of your essence.

The soul embodiment is a process, and a connection that requires life long maintains. Just like our lives move in cycle and phases, so makes the soul journey. The blueprint of the soul and the soul embodiment journey can be studied through astrology, which is why it is of the highest importance to understand that you are not only your sun sign. You have twelve houses, yet all the signs are available to you energetically, although if they aren’t marked in your birth chart. Leave horoscopes behind.

That being said, you ARE a spiritual being having a human experience. You chose to embody your meat suit because you came to experience the density and the polarity that earth offers. To refrain from yourself as a spiritual person is a disservice of the fullness that you are because it IS given that you are spiritual. Just like it is given that you have emotions or mental capacity.

Therefore, please don’t do yourself the disservice of divorcing the fullness of who you are by using the limiting concept of a vastness that is beyond the level of your current understanding.





This path is humbling; it will humble you. And when you think you know, you will soon learn that you don’t. You will have to let go of your notion of who you are to become because this is an evolution of expansion. We are always becoming until we resist. What we resist will persist. Instead, say that you are spiritually aware, or that you have begun your awakening.

Welcome, this is the age of Aquarius. Nothing will be what it once was as we collectively are birthing a new age into existing. We have been waiting for you.

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