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A unique sustainable 4-star hotel in Amsterdam, where two worlds connect. At the former location where ships left for Jakarta, lies a green oasis in the center of Amsterdam. Hotel Jakarta offers 200 luxurious rooms and suites with an Indonesian influenced style. Most rooms feature a balcony, with panoramic views over river IJ on one side and looking over Amsterdam North and center on the other. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Café Jakarta or get a drink at Malabar. Be pampered in luxury and relax in our wellness and swimming pool with gorgeous views.

Hotel Jakarta, designed by SeARCH Architects is an architectural highlight in the history of WestCord Hotels and our years of operation. It all started in 1968 on the Dutch island of Vlieland with Hotel De Wadden, the company now has several hotels through the Netherlands located on Terschelling and Ameland and in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Leeuwarden, Garderen and Raalte.



Welcome Wellness in Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam stands for inner peace, serenity, and a luxurious ambiance combined with Indonesian influences and elements. For the hotel guests, they offer the use of the swimming pool, fitness and sauna free of charge. For guests from outside the hotel, they have day cards and memberships.

Enjoy a beautiful view of the river IJ and relax. It has his own entre on the street side. This is next to the bakery Westers.



The subtropical indoor garden runs from Westers Bakery, at the back of the hotel, all the way to the tip in Café Jakarta. This ends a series of indoor gardens on Java Island; from east to west, the urban architect has created public indoor gardens, all named after green spaces on the island of Java.



In the indoor garden, you will find meters-high palms, banana trees, climbing plants, flowers, and all kinds of other flora. Ginger, turmeric, bananas? They all grow in our garden! Ever wondered how ginger and turmeric grow? Or how about bananas? You’ll find out when you visit our subtropical garden.



Hotel Jakarta is a spectacular building with a sustainable, industrial character, lots of transparent glass facades, and a unique 30 meters high wooden main support structure. The beams, columns, and ceilings are made of natural wood. The materials chosen are durable and have the FSC or PEFC quality mark. Almost all the used elements that have a short life span or are recyclable are reused by disassembly.

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam employs many energy-saving measures. Rainwater is collected to spray the subtropical indoor garden. PV panels in the facade and in the roof of the atrium collect, solar energy that is converted into electricity and heats the shower water. A warmth- and cold storage system will take care of heating and cooling the hotel. Even the staff will wear sustainably made company clothing, designed by fashion label By Rockland | HACKED by.atelier-the-che-sara-ritual-amsterdam-jakarta


Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is aiming for a BREEAM-“Excellent” certificate, with an intended score of 75.5%. Among other things, the following social or economic design measures are applied in the building:

  • The design of the building ensures that there is sufficient daylight access within the residential areas for the visual comfort and well-being of guests, partly due to the presence of an atrium in the central part of the building.

  • The environment, including local residents, is closely involved and informed about the state of affairs.

  • Future users have had a great deal of say in how the building is realized, including through workshops.

  • The design and layout of the building also have the objective of making guests aware of sustainability.


For more details and information, please visit Hotel Jakarta here.

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