How To Ground Your Energy

Being grounded can mean two things, one being fully present in our bodies. The other is feeling connected with the earth. With all the changes happening on a macro on a micro-scale, the feeling of being grounded can be fleeting.

While the energies are intense and building up, sometimes, all it takes to step outside your home to feel the difference. Especially if you are an HSP, you might pick on the cues in the collective. However, if you are an Empath, you can feel these energies moving in your body, and you're being as if there were your own. It can be a little tricky to distinguish if you haven't trained yourself to understand the differences. Having a tool-kit of grounding techniques are crucial!

However, one does not have to be spiritually aware, educated, or classify themselves as an HSP or Empath to pick on these energetic. It's done regardless, energy does not discriminate; however, those who have not begun their spiritual awakening may tend to not have a framework of knowledge, which makes it easier to understand what is happening on a macro level. 

You are likely ungrounded if you:

  • Get distracted easily

  • Space out

  • Over-think or ruminate

  • Engage in personal drama

  • Experience anxiety and constant worrying

  • Floaty feeling

  • Difficulty concentrating.

Thankfully, there are easy grounding techniques to help us get and stay rooted in our bodies.

Grounding meditation

Grounding meditation is one of those tools that everyone should have in their energetic toolbox because it's a great way to get connected to the body, the heart, and observe what is rising. Have you taken on the energy of others? Make sure to release the heat as you are ground yourself, and call back your own energy process too.

Go out for a walk

A great way to release stagnate energy in the body and feeling more connected in the body is to talk a walk. If you think, stagnate, whether that's emotional or mental, it's a great idea to speed up the pace a little bit and pay attention to how the energy in your body starts moving. We time in a word where we are always in our heads. Having to make decisions and so on, it's easy to lose touch with the rest of the body. 

Do this while moving the focus on your energy down to your feet. Feel the ground under your feet as you put one foot under the under. Visualize your energy connect to the earth and into the soil. As you do this, pay attention to how the energy in your body changes. After you have finished your walk, pay attention to how you feel, what feels different in comparison to before your walk.


A third easy way to feel more grounded and connected to the body is to take a shower or a bath. If you think that energies are stagnated or even "sticky," get into the shower and preferably let the water shower it away all the way from the head (crown chakra). 

If you have a bathtub, Epsom salt is a great natural ingredient to assist you. Water is cleanings, on an energetic level as well. Take a few deep breaths while you're in the shower/bath, bitterly feel your body. When you use to cleanse your body, pay attention to how your body feels against your body. This technique not only soothe the nervous system but also incorporate mindfulness techniques in being here and now. If you usually listen to music/podcasts when you shower/bathe; here's an invitation to leave that outside. Be with yourself fully. This is your time, so take it. 


Vegetables from underground

Eating by itself is grounding, and what we put in our bodies is essential, as well. Plants that are being produced from underground hold the exegetics of Mother Earth. An easy way, especially during this season of the year, is to create meals with vegetables from the underground. 

A few examples are carrots, potatoes, beets, reddish, Rutabaga, and peanuts. Bon appetite! 


Never underestimate the power of sleep. Our bodies need to recalibrate itself, and a great way to let your body and your being to take care of itself is to sleep. Although some might feel a little guilt creating up when sleeping too long, here's an invitation to look closer to that guilt. What is the underlying energy behind the guilt, do you feel lazy? These are great cues to look closer at if you would like to reprogram the subconscious state that you are operating from. Our feeling is indications of what is happening in the unconscious field if we can interpret them accordingly.

These are just a few easy steps to get grounded. Please be kind to yourself; the seasons move in cycles, and so does your body. We can't be in production mode all day, every day. We need rest, we need a rejuvenation. When you are resting and clearing space, you open up for new inspiration, motivation, and energy to flow in. 

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