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Whatever the real deal behind COVID–19 is, we are called into attentiveness. Inner and outer awakening is happening; it always does in times such as these. We see higher vibrations and lower vibrations at a tug of war, within or without, near and far.

We're being called rise into our higher potential on all levels, all the more. It is is a pivotal time in our history, and if you look at it from an astrological perspective, you can find answers in the cosmos.

At the beginning of this year, Saturn and Pluto became aligned. This happens approximately every 30 years. This alignment pushes us to our absolute limits to bring complete rebirth to the collective and transform us. With the north node in Cancer, we are being taught the lesson to get out of that masculine mind-frame and step entirely into our feminine energy. Nurturing yourself and all of those around you. These shifting energies are calling us all to slow down, re-connect with ourselves and our loved ones. Do all those things we thought we were too busy for. Instead of asking why this is happening, focus on what this teaching us.

We can either use our own and what is available for us to worry and fear or co-creating the world we want to live in. Your perspective is everything. The balcony concert in Italy is an excellent example of how simple enjoying life can and ought to be.

These current events illustrate that we all can tap into different fields of consciousness, whether that is fear or love. I gave an example of this recently on Instagram as I explained that I felt a little energy depleted after consuming content on social media. Now, I don't watch or read the news.

Whether you are quarantined or not, wanted to share a few notes on how to leverage this time. Not a time to tune out, but to tune in. Get closer to ourselves and each other, not further apart.

This moment of silence is an opportunity to feed into your creativity, harmonize your energetic system.


Basic practices to purify and re-align your energy:


Where attention goes, energy flows. By setting, conscious intentions, we prep our neuron-pathways to focus on what matches our vibration. We attract what we are an energetic match with.

Example: "All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation, only good will come."


There are several ways to shield and cleans your aura. Sage and Palo Santo are great for smudging, set an intention for what you are clearing out, and what energy you are calling in. Water clears our auric field, take a walk by the beach/river/sea, or take a shower. 

"Return to sender" is a powerful sentence that returns the energetic fear-based energies to the sender with love. By stating this, you clear yourself from lower octave frequencies. 


Moving our bodies assist us in releasing stuck energies and emotions. Put on your favorite song and shake, twerk or moonwalk.

A client once said that she associates dancing to joy, which she found challenging when to dance when feeling worries. This is understandable. A great way to transmute these emotions is to put on a slower song that matches your feelings. Move your body to the music and let your feelings be expressed throughout the movement. This is an excellent example of the practice of ecstatic dance from the comfort of your home. 


Meditation elevated you on a mental, emotional, physical level. Make it a part of your daily self-care ritual, and you will reap the benefits of this ancient tool. 

Recommended yoga practice: Buddhist Metta Meditation to cultivate your capacity of love and kindness, as well as rippling it out to the world as large. This is a simple meditation with tremendous impact.


Alcohol and drug usage affect the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. If you are feeling triggered to drink to get the edge off, consider instead sitting with your emotions and allow them to move through you rather than putting them on pause. What we resist – persist. 

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Divine guidance is available for us at every given time. By tapping into our hearts, we honor the divine feminine energy that resides within every one of us. 


Some components assist our wellbeing. Being rooted and anchored in our bodies is one, and an easy way to ground the organization is to walk barefoot on the ground. 

Eating produce from the soil, such as spinach, avocado, and potatoes, are a great option. 


You are the shaman of your life, and you have always been. We are all being forced to face yourself and deal with what is going on within you. The illusion that we have control is being shattered. Into a realization that the only thing we have control over is how we feel. We are forced to make the conscious decision whether we want to operate from fear or love. This is a dismantling process that we collectively are undergoing. 

Please know that your soul chose to reincarnate at this pivotal point for a reason. There is a reason why you are reading this. There is a reason why this text is resonating with you. It is because it is your truth, and you are resonating with it on a cellular level without knowing or understanding it conceptually. 


Just like the food we consume, information can either empower or disempower us. If you are feeling worried or anxious by anything you are consuming, please understand that it is disempowering you from the fullness of who you are.

Whatever is making you feel good, and assisting you in feeling good and empowered is helping you in walking you home. 


take responsibility for the energy that you bring. Instead of spreading and dumping your fear on others, allow yourself to have a heartfelt and vulnerable conversation instead. There is a distinctive difference in how these two types of communications sound. Most importantly, they have a unique distinction in how it impacts the collective. 

Be mindful of feeding into the 'us vs. them' mentality, which is a manifestation of the toxic masculine mind-frame that we can transmute by choosing to speak from the heart and recognizing the illusion of separation.

I am grateful for all of you on the frontlines of love and re-alignment. No matter what your profession is, you can all choose to add to the shift by being and embody the expression of love that resides within your heart. 

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