6 simple steps to meditation

Meditations bring both physical, emotional, and mental benefits. It decreases anxiety, blood pressure, any tension-related pain, such as tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle, and joint problems just to mention a few perks. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You will only get better with time! Start with 5 minutes. I make sure and schedule my mediation like a meeting because 1-2 times of mediation a day is VITAL to my mental health.

Time needed: 10 Min. to Start. Gradually increase in 5 Min. increments until you can Meditate for 20-30 Min/Day

 Things needed: Desire to Mediate and a smartphone.

*Turn your smartphone on AIRPLANE MODE and set a timer. It’s important not to be distracted in your meditation, because when you are shocked out of a relaxed state – it can cause headaches. Or if you’re meditating to a guided meditation, turn your smartphone on Do Not Disturb mode (not sure if all phones have this function) so you can proceed to listen to the meditation without getting disturbed any notification or such.

1. Comfortable location.

A quiet, cozy, and alone spot where you will be undisturbed. Sit however feels most relaxing to you: in bed, in a chair, or maybe on the floor. Just pick what comes more natural just as long as your back is supported. I’d advise you to not lay down, because you may fall asleep.

2. Soothing manta.

By silently repeating a mantra (a word or a phrase) to yourself during meditation is a good way to put your attention on the other than your thoughts. If you don’t have a mantra in particular in mind, there are several guided meditations on Youtube.

When we think positive thoughts, we release chemicals into our body, and when we think negative thoughts we release negative chemicals in our body.

3. Close your eyes. Breath.

Start by taking a few cleansing breaths. Breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth. Proceed by breathing at a normal relaxed pace through your nose with your lips gently closed. 

4. Silently saying your mantra in your head.

Silently repeat the mantra in a sift and relaxed manner. I like to focus on my heart space while repeating the mantra, as I feel it helps me to not get distracted by the thoughts that come and go.

5. Don’t try to empty your thoughts or brain.

Naturally, thoughts will come and go. Allow them to come and release them, acknowledge them for what they are. Thoughts. Try to be an observer of the thoughts instead of identifying yourself with them – because you are not that voice in that head.

6. Stop The Mantra.

After about 10 minutes, try to stop repeating the mantra and continue sitting with your eyes closed.

Think about mediation as washing your brain. You shower at least once a day (hopefully), so why not wash your brain. We are constantly thinking, judging, evaluating. Even in sleep. Our brain needs time to chill. Literally.

Hope this helps you!

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