Style & Spirituality | Atelier The Che

Style & Spirituality

Maybe style isn’t the first word that comes to mind when talking about spirituality, but the secret is that these two are not mutually exclusive; ...

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How To Ground Your Energy | Atelier The Che

How To Ground Your Energy

Being grounded can mean two things, one being fully present in our bodies. The other is feeling connected with the earth. With all the changes hap...

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Move from within | Atelier The Che

Move from within

Ateliér The Ché is a result of a sequence of experiences. From studying at fashion school, zigzagging to the financial industry, to cross the Atlan...

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6 simple steps to meditation | Atelier The Che

6 simple steps to meditation

Learn to meditate with these six simple steps and create a morning ritual that your wellbeing will benefit from. Meditation boost mental, emotional...

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What is spiritual awakening? | Atelier The Che

What is spiritual awakening?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, a concept that can be a little challenging at first to comprehend–especially since we’re lump...

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“I can feel the frequency in my body heightened when wearing the Mithra Sun earrings.”

– Cassandra, Tarot & Energy Reader